Picture this:

You bump into an old friend you haven’t seen in years. When pressed about how your life has been going since you last met up, you say something like

“Honestly, it is more amazing than I ever could have imagined possible,”

Your eyes sparkling, and big smile beaming. And the best part?

You’re not just saving face. You actually MEAN IT.

Screen shot 2015-02-07 at 10.13.23 PMHi, I’m Micaela, and I help creative, intuitive, talented women who want to unapologetically kick ass in their personal and professional lives (aka women just like you)  cultivate their own magical elixir of life transformation so they can smash through self-doubt, conquer chronic low self-worth, and cultivate unshakeable faith in themselves, leading them to:

·Escape the endless cycle of consuming self-improvement material without seeing results.

·Dive into a new social circle

·Leave a stagnant relationship

·Go into business for themselves or make the career switch they’ve always dreamt of

·Have the courage to do whatever it is that constitutes their version of a fabulous life.

·Love every waking moment of their beautiful lives.

I truly believe that when you commit to transforming your inside, and are equipped with the right tools, miracles happen.

No matter where you are (or aren’t) on your path, it is NEVER too late or too hard or too impossible to begin your own journey toward meaningful, lasting transformation.

Want to connect with me on a deeper level? Here are the best ways to get started:

1. Start Here to learn what Life Alchemy is all about (bring your air horn and prepare to get pumped)

2.  Go here to read about how you can pick my brain, free of charge.

3. Press the follow button on the side of this page so I can send you battle cries, love notes, and tips for living exceptionally. Your secrets are safe with me- I will never share your information with anyone (yuck).

4. Join my free, private Facebook community here and follow my page.

Love, studded platforms, and wine-colored lipstick, Xoxo Micaela

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